why democrating

A reference point for free and participative information. But it will be more than just that. 

If Twitter is an automatically updated newspaper, Democrating will be your newsstand with thousands of specialized magazines regularly updated by someone with your same interests.
You will finally decide how and what to read, with a simple interface designed to provide a full and unbiased consultation of news sources that interest you.

Discover the pleasure of knowing what is happening around you and compare your ideas with people who also have the courage to fight for what they believe in.

Imagine people working together online and offline to achieve a common result in a revolutionary way to shout out to the world what is really important.

Getting information off the internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant.

– Mitch Kapor –

how democrating works



You can read some interesting topics or start your own campaign. Then others users can contribute with stories, videos, pictures and social contents. The user interface is designed ​​to show you all sources in a complete and impartial way. Discover the pleasure to find out the world.


Each campaign will also include a question and a rating system that will allow users to compare and evaluate the quality of the information. Organizations, associations and companies can join the discussions and interact directly with individual citizens. This will be cause related marketing 2.0. 



It is necessary that the information is widespread offline with the same virality. For this reason, campaigns which have received major interest online will be promoted in real places in our cities through offline non-conventional communication campaigns supported by artists, agencies and makers.

who we are


Umberto Ciprì

25 y.o., Interaction Designer. Graduated with honors from Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan, today he is the founder of StudentiFuori.it and Democrating.org. UX/UI Expert for Prada group, he has a penchant for social media and interactive art.


Antonio Savarese

Journalist focused on innovation, startup, CIO, IT governance, green economy, business technology. I am part of the group that deals with dissemination of the project SUPERHUB.


Cetti Lipari              

Consultant and project manager specializing in business development, in strategic and organizational consulting for business, in business communication and in personal image management (speechwriter, ghostwriter, social networking and personal branding, spokesperson).